CLIMA PROGRESS’cooling panels are ideal for zootechnical environments where they can low the temperature down of 8-10° (and more) in a simple and economical way.


A very high temperature can strongly affect the metabolism either animal or vegetable causing a growth slowdown or a reproductive stagnation up to death.
The artificial ventilation commonly used in breeding buildings, can drive the extreme heat caused by the animals or by the sun radiation over the building away, but it can never generate a lower temperature inside than outside the building. This is why, in the summer, when the heat becomes more intense and oppressive there is a need for operative, easy and cheap solutions.
LIGHT PROGRESS has a cooling system based on the energy exchange between air and water, when the latter passes from the liquid state to the gaseous one of vapour. To this aims we make the air inlet passing through the COOLPANEL apparatus, which is constantly kept wet in order to cool the air and obtain a drop in the inside temperature. The temperature decrease is closely dependent on the relative humidity of the air outside. A drier air will be able to keep a greater quantity of vapour and will therefore produce a greater drop in temperature.
COOL-PANELS can produce a fall in temperature of the air entering the building of 8°-10° or more


Temperature readings at the cool panel outlet

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
25°C 14,4 16,2 17,1 18,3 20,2 21,2 22,0
30°C 17,3 19,4 21,0 22,6 24,0 25,3 26,2
35°C - 23,2 25,1 26,4 28,5 30,2 31,6
40°C - 26,2 29,4 31,0 32,2 34,7 36,3
45°C - - 32,6 35,2 37,3 39,0 40,6
50°C - - 36,6 39,2 41,0 43,4 45,3


The whole module consists of a perforated distribution gutter at the top of the panel, that allows a uniform and constant distribution of water into the HUMY-SCAND, the cellulose panel below.
The bottom gutter of the panel will collect the surplus water for recycling.
The water flows through the outlet pipe into a backwater tank from which, by an immersion pump it will be sent to the distribution gutter again.
Inside the tank a float system provides for the substitution of water. The HUMY-SCAND panel, which is soaked in water, is made of pure cellulose and treated with anti-mould resins to guarantee its maintenance and non-deformability during the time.
The structure of the special panel HUMY-SCAND consists of corrugated cellulose sheets which are stuck together in a cross-stratification.
So the air has to pass a more winding course and the longer contact with water increases the vapour efficiency.
At the same time, there will be no appreciable reductions of load in the artificial ventilation.

Subjoined data can give an idea of the absorbing and perspiring capacity of our cellulose panels:
- 1 square meter of cellulose has got an internal surface of 44 m²;
- 1 square meter of cellulose can soak a good 10 litres of water.