Wall installation
Depression opening
Multiflap curved
  • Completely independent, doesn't need any type of automation (reduction motors, cables, control unit with vacuum gauge)
  • Entirely built in condensation-proof impact-resistant PVC
  • ABS corner fittings
  • Alveolar PVC «curved» flap for optimum orientation of the incoming air flow
  • Air seal brush at the two side ends
  • Smooth surface flap to improve the flow of incoming air and minimise dust deposits
  • Sides’ frame with 4.5 cm bar

In each MULTI DP JET 23 model..., in the 2 or 3 flap version, it is possible to adjust the counterweight of each flap in a different manner from each other. This allows each opening of flaps to be different from one another, accordingly to the vacuum created inside the room. Usually, the flap that is positioned higher is adjusted more “lightly” compared to the counterbalance of the lower flap, so it starts to open up with a lesser depression than required to opening the flap located lower.

This makes the use of this type of air inlet possible not only in the winter seasons, but also in the autumn/spring seasons, when a greater volume of incoming air is required. In fact, in mid seasons, the higher temperature compared to the winter one let fans to turn faster, increasing the pressure inside the room, and consequently also the opening of the lower flaps.